Primo Powerbite Cranks 170mm

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Primo Powerbite Cranks 170mm


Feature a new 2.5 piece design with 7075 aircraft grade aluminum arms and steel pedal inserts that are pressed in from both sides to prevent stripping. The right crank arm is pressed onto a 22mm hollow chromoly spindle for strength while the left arm uses a 16 spline connection to help stiffen the arm and spindle junction. RHD/LHD compatible.


Flat Black

Pinch Bolts: 8x1.25mm (x2)
Spindle: 22mm Hollow Chromoly
Spindle Bolts: 14x1mm Hollow (x1)
Spindle Splines: 16
Sprocket Bolt: 10x1.5mm (x1)
Weight: 34.7 oz

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